Solar/Hybrid On-Site Power

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you can generate your own renewable energy on-site for less than you now pay in 1% of the space required by solar alone. Please contact us to discover the many opportunities for tax benefits, incentives, operating expense reduction and referral income—you may discover how to own a Solar/Hybrid Generator for less than zero. A single 60 KW generator produces power 24/7, or 43,800 kWhs per month, but multiple units can be stacked two high to match load requirements.

Breakthrough Technology

Solar/Hybrid Generators use completely new and unique electric motors. Since the invention of electric motors, all motors have been designed with extra horsepower to overcome the back electromagnetic force (EMF). The new design harvests the back EMF and reuses the energy, so the motor generates more horsepower using less watts.

Within each generator, three of these patent pending 40 HP motors are powered by a 30 KW Lithium Ion battery pack. Since the motors use only 8KW each there is more than enough power to turn the motors. Two of the motors turn a standard 60 KW AC generator, and the other turns a 30 KW DC generator, which along with four to eight solar panels keeps the Lithium Ion battery pack fully charged at all times.

Own On-Site Power for Less Than Zero.

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Solar/Hybrid Generators use ultra-efficient patent pending motors which supply more torque with less watts

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