We are a nationwide team of experts working together to invent new strategies and technologies to reduce operating expenses for private and governmental organizations.

The team includes CPAs, inventors, engineers, financial professionals, marketing experts, contractors and consultants whose sole purpose is to deliver quantifiable savings and technologies without additional expense to you.

Within the line items most businesses consider as “necessary operating expenses,“ upon examination contain millions of dollars of untapped savings. In larger organizations the savings are exponential.

Let OpEx Pros uncover these savings for you and put them back where they belong,

On your bottom line!

A $7,500 monthly expense that increases 2.5% per year totals over $1 million dollars at the end of ten years.  Most businesses have an expense like this, but once eliminated, the owner will enjoy after tax cash of about $827,000, plus an increase in the value of the business of $720,000 by virtue of the increased cash flow—a total gain of $1.5 million over ten years.

In most cases the cost to implement a program to eliminate this $90,000 annual expense can be funded with tax or other cost saving strategies, so it’s tough to argue against the value proposition.

The cost of distributed generation has declined making a compelling case for implementation especially when combined with demand side management and generous government support.  A field for solar panels is no longer necessary; just six to eight panels used with game changing technology can provide 525,600 kWhs per year.

How to get there without increasing expense or dipping into cash flow is the subject of our white paper, “A Compelling Economic Case for Renewable Energy,”

The white paper explains how to request a complimentary analysis which will quantify how much you can save with our combined cost reduction strategies.

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    If you own or manage a commercial building you can now have On-Site Electricity for a fraction of what you are paying your electric company

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