About Us

Our mission is to find significant recurring operating expense reductions for businesses and government entities. We can analyze over 180 areas of expenses and are able source products and services worldwide. There is no upfront payment to analyze any expense lines you choose. Clients average 28% savings.

When we learned about Solar/Hybrid Generators we realized that the debate on renewables and climate change had changed forever. Much of the debate has focused on the need to sacrifice to reduce greenhouse gases, but the Solar/Hybrid Generator® will produce energy with no carbon footprint and saves up to 75% to 90% on electricity with an attractive ROI.

Although the Green Industrial Revolution is already well underway, this breakthrough technology will accelerate the process by providing low cost generation for individual facilities in net metering situations and scalable power for independent microgrids.

Use our expense reduction strategies, referral program, tax and local incentives to fund your renewable energy initiative. Act soon, because these incentives are available for a limited time only.

Operating Expense Consulting, LLC dba OpEx Pros is the US distributor for Solar/Hybrid Generators®. We boost the value of your brand with effective green initiatives and the value of your company or property by increasing your net profit for years to come.

We have representatives across the US and have formed relationships with CPAs, engineers, energy services companies and electrical contractors to meet the unique needs of clients including tax planning, design and installation.

We are seeking like-minded companies to fully develop the potential of behind the meter applications and efficient microgrids. This is your opportunity to share in the excitement of the Green Industrial Revolution and benefit economically from this patent pending technology breakthrough.