Expense Reduction

Would you like to discover hidden savings in your expenses? There are hundreds of ways you can save. Here’s one: when Obamacare passed, a minor change opened a tax saving opportunity that amounts to $660 per employee per year. We represent the only qualifying plan.

Our procurement program saves an average of 28% on hard costs. Hard costs are the products and services you buy not including the purchase of real estate or the payment of wages. For a company with $200 million in sales about $30 million of expense usually falls in this category and a 28% saving is potentially over $8 million in saving. This experience is based on over 10,000 actual examples.

The services have been provided to large companies like Bank of America, Sprint and Exxon, but are also effective for smaller companies. It costs nothing to receive an estimate of the savings available to you.

The process is completely confidential, your information is only shared with the analyst and the time required from clients is minimal. Recently a $100 million company reported their combined effort from their staff was five hours.

A major expense for any business in electricity. You can lock in your cost for about eight cents per kWh long term with a Hybrid Generator. That is before tax benefits. You can completely fund a pilot project with the savings we find for you. Companies with a national footprint can save 50-60% on electricity in about 40%-50% of locations.

Wealth Creation

By permanently reducing operating expenses and therefore increasing income, the value of the property or business participating in the OpEx Pros program can significantly increase their exit value and those gains usually qualify for capital gains rates.

To illustrate the magnitude of savings using just the example of electricity, and using just the tax savings from depreciation and savings on electricity from one hundred actual examples, we have estimated average annual savings over fifteen years for a variety of businesses. These savings also include other costs and maintenance.

These are the average savings in net metering states. An entity with nationwide operations can obtain these savings from approximately 30-50% of its locations.

Whether one generator or multiple generators in thousands of locations, the purchaser not only saves money, but increases enterprise and property value. Reducing the operating cost increases the income and therefore the value.

It is also proven that LEED certified properties sell for more and Solar/Hybrid Generators can provide a means to achieve LEED certification for less.