Hybrid Generators can be financed over 60-84 months and the savings from tax incentives and expense reduction can increase cash flow.

EXAMPLE: A client paying 18 cents per kWh could put nothing down, and lock in a payment for 84 months of $5,810 per month, which is 26% less than the same amount of energy purchased from the grid. In addition, the client would enjoy about $136,000 to $225,000 in tax savings. At the end of the lease the generator can be acquired for $1. Thereafter, the cost of electricity is under 1 cent per kWh.

Clients who do not wish to own a generator can use an operating lease, where certificate of acceptance is provided only after the unit is installed an operating for a period of time. Tax benefits are used by the lessor to reduce the cost for the lease.

We will provide the contact information of lease companies who are interested in financing Hybrid Generators on the terms you prefer. You may provide credit information directly to the lender.