Solar/Hybrid Generators will be a key component in the development of microgrids because they are a constant and reliable source of power. Micogrids are localized systems in which power is generated near the load, thereby utilizing and managing renewable energy in the most efficient manner.

When users discover that power can be renewable, reliable and inexpensive, the transition that is already underway from centralized generation, transmission and management to localized systems will accelerate. Navigant Research estimates that revenues from microgrid deployments will be more than $40 billion by 2020. These systems will proliferate in government campuses, universities, office complexes, industrial parks and mixed use developments as well as military bases and overseas developments where there is no readily available source of power.

The ability to manage microgrids and the introduction of the Solar/Hybrid Generators will open the way for energy savings in innovative ways in states that have no net metering laws by users who will simply leave the macro grid system.

The Solar/Hybrid GeneratorĀ® were designed to create scalable power plants to use in microgrids or feed into the grid at the substation level. Generators can be collocated in groups of up to 850 generators. The following drawing is for 3 MW facility with 51 Solar/Hybrid Generators.

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Development Opportunities

Operating Expense Consulting, LLC is the US distributor for Solar/Hybrid Generators and is a catalyst for business, governments and educational institutions to meet engineering companies and funding sources to develop microgrids and other energy solutions in the US Market.

Interested parties wishing to propose projects or provide funding, engineering or legal services should contact Ralph L. Warren, CPA at ralph@opexpros.com.

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