What is the technology?

A Solar/Hyrbid Generator generates a minimum of 60kW per hour, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year by turning a standard Marathon Electric 60kW AC Generator and a 30kW DC generator with a new technology used by proprietary DC motors called “Star Motors”. This name is based on the configuration of the frame to house the specially placed electromagnets. This non-fossil fueled invention is possible because of the completely new switch reluctance electric motor design and new technology silicon switches which uses several techniques to increase mechanical advantage without requiring more power to do so. The main energy force these motors use is a combination of ultra-strong permanent N50 neodymium magnets with integrated electromagnets to redirect the back Electro Motive Force (EMF) so the motors generate more torque with 73% less watts per horsepower.

A 30kW Lithium Ion battery brick powers the three unique 40 HP DC motors within the Hybrid Generator. The battery brick is wired in serial and parallel, so that it can continuously charge and discharge. This allows the battery to operate at 100% charge and not use up the 15,000 charge/discharge life cycle. Therefore, the useful life of the battery brick is over 20 years. The Hybrid Generator is designed to be started with the battery brick charged to full capacity. The battery can be charged to full capacity using a typical battery charging unit with electricity from the grid, or it can be fully charged in the field for a non-grid tied system using the solar panels. The unit is shipped with the battery brick partially charged too full capacity at the factory, and then “topped off” during the installation using the solar panels.

Due to the extremely high efficiency rating of the DC Star Motors, there is more than enough power to turn the three motors using only 200 watts per HP (i.e. 3 – 40 HP motors X 200 watts per HP = 24 KW). Two Star Motors each using 8kW, turn a single 60kW electric AC generator. The third motor, also using 8kW, turns a 30kW DC generator, which along with the solar system, continuously recharges the 30kW Lithium Ion battery brick. Additionally, the single Star Motor that turns the 30kW DC generator also turns a blower fan manufacturing wind to assist the other two Star Motors by turning a patent pending wind turbine which then turns the 60kW AC Generator for the output power from the Hybrid Generator. All power is regulated and controlled by proprietary  Power Q ® control module to regulate voltage frequency, phase synchronization and harmonics, power factor, and KVAR improvements prior to local use or grid feed. The system stays in balance with 120 HP (3 40 HP (3 40 HP motors) of mechanical energy IN equaling the 90kW electric energy OUT (1HP = 746 kW).